MERRY LATE CHRIST - MASK from the Scott family!

This year has been like no other - Coronavirus has affected our lives in untold ways. While this year seemed especially hard, there were silver linings... dealing with the pandemic struggles came creativity and bonus time with the family. 

Some circumstances right now may be hard to change, but there were events in our lives that inspired gratitude. Here’s a short list of the good things our family appreciated, large and small, that helped shift our focus in a positive direction this year:

1. Marissa accompanied Mark on several work/date trips before the lockdown.

2. We embarked on the last Disney Cruise to sail before the lockdown March.

3. CJ’s “Covid Birthday Drive By” was featured on the local news. Link is below:

4. CJ graduated in June and started the Post Graduate program at North Florida School of Special Education where she enjoys volunteering at the Jacksonville Zoo, making doggie biscuits, and ballroom dancing. She is patiently waiting for the day she can visit the Mouse again at Disney, but for now enjoys spending time with Harry Potter at Universal.

5. JC is on his last year studying Aerospace Engineering at Embry Riddle. He recently completed his three cross country flights with the Jax Navy Flying Club and should earn his private pilot license before heading back to school in late January. He plans to submit his application for Officer Candidate School, with hopes of eventually becoming a military test pilot and pursuing his dream of going to space.

6. Marissa had another phenomenal year in real estate, in spite of the pandemic. Still ranked the top 10% of agents in Florida, she enjoys dividing her spare time between training and mentoring new real estate agents with her company, and watching her 18 month old nephew.

7. Mark is still flying (only took a month off during Covid) and earned another designation. He is not only an airline captain, but now he’s a boat captain, spending a lot of time boating (rain or shine, warm or cold weather) after we joined the boat club in May.

8. We converted our patio to a Florida room home gym and are currently adding a pool to our home. While anxiously waiting for completion of our pool and spa, we spent some time in North Carolina with Marissa’s family in a very cozy mountain cabin.

9. Mark and JC tested positive for Covid last July. Aside from Mark’s sinus infection, they both had very minor symptoms and recovered quickly from it.

Unfortunately in September , Mark’s mom, Barbara, passed away. We were saddened that she is no longer with us this Christmas, but at peace knowing that she is in a better place with her husband, Harold, and our God, The Father.

Dear Family and Friends, we are praying for you. We believe that something great will come out of this mess, just stay strong and keep the faith. WE ARE HERE FOR YOU.


"God promises to make something good out of the storms that bring devastations to our lives' (Romans 8:28)